LaSalle County Nursing Home

Ottawa, IL


LaSalle County Nursing Home is owned and operated by LaSalle County and governed by the LaSalle County Board. It is located on the beautiful Illinois River approximately 2 miles west of Ottawa on Dee Bennett Road. The Home, with 91 beds, is licensed and certified by Medicare, IDPH and IDPA. The Home’s primary function is to provide nursing care and to meet the Residents nutritional, social, psycho-social, activity and rehabilitation needs. LaSalle County Nursing Home is a safe and comfortable environment, where you can bring your loved one, when care is needed in time when a person can no longer care for themselves, and/or families can no longer assist with their care. Our Nursing Home staff all work together as a team to ensure the physical, emotional and social needs of a resident are met. LaSalle County Nursing Home is fully staffed with caring and dedicated professionals to provide quality long term care and services to people who may need additional assistance with every day living. Our goal here at LaSalle County Nursing Home is to make a resident feel this is a home away from home, whether this would be a short term need or a long term stay.

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LaSalle County Nursing Home
1380 N. 27th Rd, Ottawa, IL